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I’ve had a passion for sports and fitness from an early age. Starting with sprinting and athletics with my first race (over 75 metres!!) at 11 years old I’ve loved training and competing.


During my teens my interest in nutrition started to grow and I took this interest and passion for athletics with me on my undergraduate studies in Medical Genetics, where I really learned how and what to eat, cook and prepare for a busy 8am til 6pm lecture and lab schedule and still fit in 3-5hrs of daily training. 


Being the guy I am - always curious about how everything works - I kept up my studies and started a PhD in Glasgow, investigating skin cancer and radiotherapy. It was here that my interest in weight lifting really evolved, from being a part of my athletics training to Powerlifting becoming my primary sport. It was during this time that my scientific understanding and application of nutrition truly took off and so did my desire to help others achieve their goals through nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. 


Since then I have coached a wide variety of people, from everyday gym-goers to athletes competing in sports ranging from Olympic weightlifting to track cycling and including world and commonwealth athletes.


I’m now living in Switzerland with my wife and son, establishing and growing my coaching company and enjoying the wonderful scenery!


Thanks for taking the time to read my story, to get in touch with me use the form below, I’d be excited to hear from you!

About Craig

Precision Nutrition L1 Certificate in Sports Nutrition Coaching

7 years of experience in Nutrition Coaching

PhD Oncology and Combination Therapies

BSc Medical Genetics

IOPN Diploma in Performance Nutrition

UKAD Clean Coaching Certificate



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